Watch Conan O’Brien Play Assassin’s Creed: Origins With Aaron Rodgers

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Watch Conan O’Brien Play Assassin’s Creed: Origins With Aaron Rodgers

After getting sacked and breaking his collarbone, thus ending his season, Aaron Rodgers must have a lot of free time to play videogames. And apparently one of his favorite franchises is Assassin’s Creed, so the quarterback visited the set of Conan to give the new installment, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, a try in a new “Clueless Gamer.”

Conan O’Brien, of course, took the opportunity to make fun of Assassin’s Creed, videogames and even Rodgers for getting injured. No, really, that’s the main running gag of the episode: Conan needling a rueful Rodgers over getting hit so hard that his clavicle snapped. He even brings in offensive lineman David Bakhtiari to take him to task for not protecting his quarterback.

Conan and Bakhtiari both get a crack at the game, and the game’s developers were clearly not prepared for Conan to play it like an absolute moron, which is puzzling considering Conan’s “Clueless Gamer” track record … not to mention the name of the bit. The host repeatedly mashes the controls so haphazardly that he puts the game into the developer’s God Mode, and drives his chariot so badly that he glitches out the horses. There’s also a fun moment where Bakhtiari panics and shows mercy during a gladiatorial battle, and Conan and Rodgers each get mad at him for not killing his opponent. How could he?

Watch the full clip above, plus outtakes from the clip below, and previous “Clueless Gamer” segments here.

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