Watch Danny McBride and Jody Hill Talk About Vice Principals, High School and the South

Comedy Video Danny McBride
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Nobody in movies or TV captures the modern South as accurately as Danny McBride and Jody Hill. The creators of Eastbound & Down, The Foot Fist Way and the current HBO series Vice Principals are both from the South, and as they tell Paste‘s Keri Lumm, they believe it’s important to depict it honestly and in a way that only locals can. You might wonder how that squares with the incredibly violent, vulgar and deviant behavior that McBride’s characters indulge in, but c’mon, if you’re from the South you’ve known somebody like Kenny Powers or Neal Gamby, the petty disciplinarian from Vice Principals. Keri got to talk to McBride and Hill last month at the San Diego Comic-Con—check it out above. And you can find more on Vice Principals, McBride and Hill at Paste.