Deadpool Ambushes The Late Show, Riffs with Stephen Colbert

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Deadpool Ambushes The Late Show, Riffs with Stephen Colbert

As Stephen Colbert was spouting off the ever-growing list of superhero movies making their way to the silver screen during Tuesday night’s Late Show monologue, an unexpected hero dropped in. The humorously deadpan Deadpool, adorned in his entire red-black warrior getup, strolled on stage, promptly interrupting Colbert’s tirade.

“Pretty soon there’ll be Ant Man and the Wasp and Aquaman and Venom. I mean, at what point will audiences say enough with the superheros?” Colbert said. Offering a cued proposition, Deadpool appeared, saying, “Is it Deadpool 2? I bet it’s Deadpool 2,” to a zealous audience response.

Deadpool 2, the follow-up to 2016’s original superhero satire, is out this Friday, May 18. The blasphemous anti-hero’s Late Show appearance is one of several publicity plugs on the part of star Ryan Reynolds—he even recently hacked a Marvel spoilers memo to promote the film, which also stars Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin and Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz.

While Deadpool’s typical menu of expletives was more than likely sidetracked by CBS censors, he still managed to drop quite a few wisecracks during his Late Show cameo. At one point he suggested taking over Colbert’s hosting position, then played dress-up with Colbert’s glasses and proclaimed, “Hello, I’m Stephen Colbert, and I’m legally blind.” Then he snuck in a few Trump jokes, announcing that the President’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal was “Trump’s biggest pulling-out blunder since Eric.”

You can watch Deadpool’s most recent stunt below, and revisit the hilarious final Deadpool 2 trailer right here.

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