The Funniest Democratic National Convention Tweets, Night Two

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The Funniest Democratic National Convention Tweets, Night Two

Rhode Island stole the show at the second night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Proudly touting one’s state as having the best calamari when you’re supposed to be nominating a presidential candidate will do that. Add in the dude with the DEEP local accent name-checking a governor whose name sounds like something Peter Wolf would’ve scatted in the intro to “Must of Got Lost” and the chef repping a joint named Iggy’s, and you’ve got a gorgeous tableaux that reveals the true nature of a place. I loved it.

The virtual roll call was the highlight of a night marked by some controversial speaker choices. More Republicans showed up, including somebody that is probably kinda sorta a war criminal, and one of the key speakers is a dude (and former Democratic president!) who would be best off keeping a low profile in the post-#MeToo era. Or maybe just going to jail? I dunno.

That roll call of states was legitimately powerful, though. I’m pretty sure I haven’t veered between tears and laughs so much since the last time I got drunk earlier this afternoon. The combination of absurd local boosterism, a la the Rhode Island clip, and the diverse snapshot of a real America desperate for change simply to survive, along with references to tragedies and successes both recent and long ago, created an emotional whirlwind in my rummed up brain. When tempered by the fear that all of this excitement and fire will be for naught as Trump somehow continues to serve as president past next January, the end result was one fairly raw dude cry-laughing into his Cuba libre.

Anyhow. Tweets. Twitter. Jokes. Yep.

People tweet about things like political conventions because people tweet about everything. Some of those tweets are funny. Some are funny because they’re ridiculous. Some are funny because they call out something sad, dangerous, pathetic, or absurd. Some aren’t actually all that funny but get so many damned likes and retweets that it would feel weird to not include ‘em in a survey like this. Either way all of the tweets below—this specific subsection of the vast online dialogue about this second and most recent night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention—certainly exist. Check ‘em out, follow the tweeters, don’t give up hope, or do, it’s 2020, do what feels best.

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