The Funniest Democratic National Convention Tweets, Night Three

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The Funniest Democratic National Convention Tweets, Night Three

At this point yesterday I thought there’d be only one more of these DNC tweet galleries. I thought the whole thing wrapped up on Wednesday, after three days that alternated between shallow hype, embarrassing video work, and occasionally moments that were truly moving, poignant and inspiring. Then somebody on a Paste meeting had to tell me that the convention was actually four nights, and not three, and at that moment you could say the “weight” of the “world” became just a little bit crushing.

So yeah, this one’s late. The first two (I’d link to ‘em but I assume you know how to find things on the internet in the year 2020) went up the nights of—within an hour or two of that evening’s selection wrapping up. For everybody breathlessly waiting by Paste’s social media for the last 12 hours, looking for the link to these piece, I apologize. It’ll never happen again.

Another reason this one is a little late is because last night’s program simply wasn’t as easy to make jokes about as the first two nights. There was no calamari this time. Barack Obama reminded us why we all fell in love with him back at the 2004 DNC with a speech that minced no words about Trump’s dangerous, anti-democratic actions as president. Kamala Harris followed with an equally powerful speech that might actually make some of her fiercer critics on the left feel slightly less disappointed about having to vote for her. Neither one was really conducive to mockery or derision. Good for the country, but bad for half-assed DNC tweet galleries.

Still, there were jokes, and some were almost good. These are the best of those. Hope you almost appreciate them as dispassionately as we do.

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