The Funniest Tweets from CNN’s Democratic Debates: Night One

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The Funniest Tweets from CNN’s Democratic Debates: Night One

Well, CNN totally CNN’ed the hell out of tonight’s Democratic debate, with Jake Tapper, Dana Bash and Don Lemon apparently getting all of their questions straight from Republican talking points. The framing was absurd, the antipathy towards the party’s more liberal wing was palpable, and for some reason laughable non-entity John Delaney got a tremendous amount of screentime during an interminably long and unproductive debate. Really, the main takeaway here is that Elizabeth Warren is the best communicator of progressive values in this race, while Bernie Sanders is the most passionate. Oh, also that Marianne Williamson is more than just a New Age, Goop-reading joke, but a perfectly respectable individual with a beautifully soothing demeanor who, yes, is a little too New Age-y and Goop-y to ever realistically become president.

The most enjoyable takeaway, though—and the only thing that made this ridiculously long debate tolerable—was the superb performance, once again, of our favorite comedians and writers on Twitter. This three-hour monstrosity would’ve been a suicide mission without our phone in hand, the dutiful liking of good tweets distracting us from the sheer misery of paying full attention to this thing. Here are those tweets, for anybody who wishes to relive tonight’s display through 280 characters or less of comedy.

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