Desus and Mero Grill Stacey Abrams on Outkast, Buffy vs. Battlestar, and More

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Desus and Mero Grill Stacey Abrams on Outkast, Buffy vs. Battlestar, and More

Desus and Mero’s Showtime show returned over the weekend, and the season premiere had one heck of a guest: Georgia’s own Stacey Abrams Zoomed in to discuss Georgia’s Senate runoffs from January, how to ensure safe and fair elections, and how voting Trump out of office feels like getting “an obnoxious wart removed.”

Oh, she also finally answers, once and for all, the eternal question at the heart of all who love Atlanta: Big Boi or André 3000? The answer might surprise you.

After a solid nine minutes of serious political talk, Desus and Mero lighten the mood by putting Abrams in the hot seat. She plays a lightning round of either/or choices focused on Georgia and some of Abrams’ other interest, like sci-fi. “Georgia on My Mind” or “Midnight Train to Georgia”? “Buffy” or “Battlestar”? Again, Big Boi or André? It’s a rapid-fire assault of tough choices, but one a proven leader like Abrams is able to weather with grace.

No matter where you fall on the Outkast divide, you should check out this conversation, which balances humor and pop culture chatter with a serious discussion about election standards, the political schism America’s mired in, and the need for accountability from politicians and their followers. As typical with Desus and Mero, there’s a comfort level between them and their guests that you don’t often see on talk shows—the feeling that this isn’t just a professional TV appearance but a chat between friends who genuinely like and respect each other. It’s refreshing, fun, and, as is often the case, informative. You can find the full segment below.

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