The Funniest Tweets About Trump’s “Boarder Security” Gaffe

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The Funniest Tweets About Trump’s “Boarder Security” Gaffe

I’m old enough to remember when a politician misspelling a common word was enough to derail their presidential aspirations. Now we have a guy in the White House who’s bungling words multiple times a week on an app that’s mostly used to talk about Black Ink Crew. It’s hard to get too worked up over Donald Trump not knowing how to spell, what with all the racism, xenophobia, cronyism, collusion and class warfare coming out of his administration, but it’s also hard not to make fun of the guy for being so dense. And poetically the best and most direct way to mock our chowderhead president is through the very same social media he uses to publicize his own ignorance. Twitter was his rise, and although it may not be his downfall it’s still a pretty great way to vent about this asshole.

So here’s the latest: earlier today Trump tweeted about “boarder security.” The typo is entirely his, of course. This is actually the second time this month he’s spelled “border security” that way. Some think this is part of a bigger strategy to get more attention for his statements by intentionally including errors, or to make his base love him even more by making so-called elites (you know, those elites who know how to spell the word “border”) attack his intelligence, thus making him seem more like a normal guy who just cares about America, gosh darn it. That’s probably giving Trump too much credit, though, and also ignores the fact that the worst thing in the world in Trump’s mind is to ever look weak or stupid in public. Face it: our president isn’t very smart. In fact, he’s so dumb he thinks he’s smart. Donald Trump is the most dangerous kind of idiot.

We’re not going to embed his original tweet because, well, it doesn’t exist anymore. He’s already deleted it and replaced it with a properly spelled version. It’s not hard to find a screencap of the original on Twitter or elsewhere on the internet though. It’s also the easiest thing in the world to find people using Twitter to make fun of Trump about this. Here are some of the funniest ones we were able to scrounge up today.

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