The Funniest Tweets About Trump’s Fast Food Feast for Clemson’s Football Team

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The Funniest Tweets About Trump’s Fast Food Feast for Clemson’s Football Team

Donald Trump hosted the NCAA national champion Clemson Tigers at the traditional White House congratulatory dinner tonight. Donald Trump is absolutely committed to his schtick, so instead of serving these adult men the kind of classy meal most people would expect in the White House, Trump had a guy hit up a few drivethroughs and bought out all the fast food joints on Pennsylvania Avenue. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Domino’s all made it into the spread, with burger boxes rising like pyramids under the watchful eyes of a modern-day Ozymandias. (Apparently Chick Fil A was a little too rich for Trump’s blood.)

Here’s a video of Trump talking about this feast. This is just a reminder of how fucking weird this man is.

Look, I don’t even know why I need to write an intro to this thing. That photo above says more than I ever could. That video you just watched says thousands of volumes more. You can’t even really joke about this, because it’s simultaneously more absurd than any joke a rational mind could ever think up, and yet also one of the least surprising things Trump has ever done or said. Of course President Baconator would serve up pink slime like it’s some kind of treat, while also using it to once again blame Democrats for the government shutdown that is owned 100% by Trump and the GOP.

That didn’t stop the jokes from coming, though. Here are the best ones we’ve found on Twitter tonight. It may not be as filling as the stuff the Tigers had to shovel down their gullets, but it’s still healthier to gorge on these tweets than those grease bombs.

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