The Funniest Donald Trump “Person Woman Man Camera TV” Tweets

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The Funniest Donald Trump “Person Woman Man Camera TV” Tweets

I don’t know if this even needs an intro, but if you somehow missed it, our president did a dumb and embarrassing thing. It’s nuts.

So yeah, Trump proved that he’s totally there, mentally, in a Fox News interview by revealing some of the harder questions on the cognitive test he’s been bragging about. He basically turned it into a game of I Spy, naming off stuff directly in front of his face:

Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

I am confident with this man leading our country.

We stopped doing tweet galleries about specific Trump idiocies long ago, because putting those things together could honestly be a full-time job. Still, this is such a special breed of idiocy that it probably needs to be commemorated. When the book is written about the Trump era “person woman man camera TV” is almost definitely guaranteed to be a chapter title.

So hey: let’s look at ’em. Let’s look at the funniest tweets about this latest bit of depressing, inexcusable, bleakly hilarious Trump nonsense.

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