Donald Trump Is NOT Complaining about His Social Media Following in Vic Berger’s Latest Video

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Donald Trump Is NOT Complaining about His Social Media Following in Vic Berger’s Latest Video

Yesterday Donald Trump, the sticky butter coating on the bottom of the movie theater popcorn bag that is American life, held a “social media summit” at the Northern, Non-Winter White House. He hobnobbed with a variety of far right tweeters, gabbers, facebookers and YouTubers, including such “legitimate journalists” as James O’Keefe and Tim Pool and Diamond and Silk. Notably not on the invitation list was anybody from Twitter or Facebook or YouTube, the actual social media networks that Trump convened his meeting to complain about. Or, as he himself said during a rambling speech focused heavily on why his follower counts sometimes go down, to not complain about—despite doing exactly that. To say that Donald Trump doesn’t understand how social media works—that fake accounts are regularly purged, that users often delete their accounts, that users have the freedom to unfollow anybody they want at any point for any reason—would imply that there are actually things in this world whose workings Trump does understand, and obviously that’s not true, unless you count preying on women and withholding love from his non-Ivanka, non-Don Jr. children.

No, Donald Trump did not call this summit to complain about his own personal follower count. And he definitely didn’t hold it to send another signal to the far right fringe that he still indubitably their boy. He was confronting very serious issues about censorship and anti-conservative bias on privately-owned platforms that routinely fail to control the streams of far right distortion and bigotry that flow directly from their air conditioned servers to our phones as we lay in bed at night desperately needing to sleep but even more desperately needing to find cute otter videos on Twitter.

Thankfully Vic Berger, the very stable genius and video editor who regularly documents the inanities of Trump and his ilk, produced this short video to remind everyone that our president was absolutely not complaining about his own social media following yesterday. His goal was a noble one, a dogged campaign for free speech unfettered by the twisted liberal agendas of Big Tech. As Berger’s work proves, Trump isn’t preoccupied with numbers, and isn’t a blinkered old egomaniac with no interest in anything other than his own self. Nope, he’s a Very Serious President focused on Very Serious Topics, like why somebody called “@CapeDonktum” is apparently being silenced by a social media network on which he has over 100,000 followers.

They better start clearing some space for another massive head on that mountain out in whatever Dakota that is.

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