Instead of the Oscars, Consider Drunk Education’s Anti-Oscars

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Instead of the Oscars, Consider Drunk Education’s Anti-Oscars

The Academy Awards are only a few weeks away, which is very exciting if you’re on the wrong side of history. If you’re on the right side, the side that’s sick as hell of awards shows and the spiraling social ills that come with celebrity culture, then what’ll really excite you is a comedy show.

Drunk Education, formerly known as Drunk TED Talks, is a long-running live show founded by Eric Thurm in which performers of all stripes get drunk and present on an area of their expertise, or at least their amateurese. On March 4th, Drunk Education will present “Seeing Red on the Red Carpet,” two simultaneous shows in New York City and Los Angeles. Offered as counter-programming to the Academy Awards, “Seeing Red” will feature a lineup of writers and comedians waxing on what’s wrong with the entertainment industry and what can be done to improv it.

Drunk Education’s Los Angeles host, Alana Levinson, deputy editor for MEL Magazine, will helm the west coast event while Thurm heads up the east. “These shows, which we see as go-to destinations for anyone who’s tired of award shows or uncomfortable with the spectacle around the Academy Awards at this moment, will balance humor, catharsis, and productive suggestions to talk about ways the entertainment industry marginalizes folks along gender, race, class lines, etc.—and how to stop it,” both producers said in a statement. Proceeds from each show will benefit RAINN and Time’s Up.

“Seeing Red” will be held at Union Hall in New York, where the lineup will include Mitra Jouhari, Nicole Silverberg and Liza Treyger; and at The Satellite in Los Angeles, where the lineup will include Faith Choyce, Marlena Rodriguez, Jenny Yang and Ann Friedman. Tickets are available here (NYC) and here (LA).

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