The Funniest Emmys Tweets of 2021

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The Funniest Emmys Tweets of 2021

Oh God, the Emmys were tonight, and an audience full of people whose jobs depended on it tuned in once again to acknowledge that these things exist. Those little statues with the wings and the globe and whatever the hell else? They still give those things out. They didn’t shit-can the whole idea once they realized Peter Falk wasn’t around to win ‘em anymore. They even did one tonight, an Emmys devoted wholeheartedly to Ted Lasso, and somehow more than willing to let Rita Wilson, actress and mother of famed rapper Chet Haze, rap on live TV. I’m guessing they were a bore—I dunno, I was driving up the coast of Oregon when this stuff happened. The Emmys are the second-most irrelevant of the four major awards shows—it only beats the Grammys—but that doesn’t mean we can’t all make fun of them like they were the Tonys or even the Oscars. And that’s exactly what Twitter did, with the social media users of the world subjecting the awards show with a response that ranged from a light ribbing all the way to a solid roasting. Here are our favorite tweets about tonight’s shows, from the funniest comedians and writers on Twitter. Read ‘em, like ‘em, follow ‘em all, and stop acting like the Emmys deserve any of your attention.

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