Every Key & Peele Sketch Ever is Online Now

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It’s about time we’re able to binge on 20+ straight hours of Key & Peele. Comedy Central launched a new website today housing every Key & Peele sketch the pair has ever performed on their 12-time Emmy-nominated series.

“Fans constantly ask us when new online content is coming and we’re really excited to announce it’s finally here,” said show creators and stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

Referring to it as “authoritatively and unequivocally complete K&P destination” in a press release, Comedy Central has compiled a complete collection of more than 300 sketches, 176 of which were previously not available online. They also put together new digital content, including shareable GIFs, memes and a “Key & Peele Dictionary,” filled with beloved terminology coined by the show like “dicknanigans,” “negraph” and “Harriet Tubman.”

Another delightfully ridiculous aspect of the new website is that it can be accessed through a plethora of URLs relating to the show, besides the mundane cc.com/keyandpeele. Some examples are liamneesons.com, Isaidbiiiiiiiiiitch.com, holygarbanzobeans.com, obamaandluther.com and meeganandandre.com.

The presentation of so much hilarity at one time in one place can be a bit overwhelming, so Comedy Central has thoughtfully organized the sketches into collections. The sketches are organized by themes, under collection names like “In The End Zone” (sports-related), “Oh The Horror” (scary-related) and “Through The Ages” (history-related), among others.

Start your experience with the new Key & Peele digital madhouse by clicking here (or on any of the many links above).

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