The Funniest Grammys Tweets of 2019

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The Funniest Grammys Tweets of 2019

Big night for Grammys fans, as the Grammys did another Grammys tonight. All the Grammys people hung out where they do the Grammys and had one heck of a big ol’ Grammys again, with all the Grammys you’d expect from a Grammys, and then even more Grammys on top of that. 2019’s going to go down as a year that had a Grammys in it, that’s for sure, and what a Grammys it was. Seriously, get a load of these Grammys!

We weren’t able to catch the Grammys ourselves—we had to install the latest updates for every piece of software on our computer, smartphone, smart TV, smart fridge, and eight different videogame consoles (we couldn’t update our Xbox One without also updating our Xbox One S and our Xbox One X)—but the people who did watch the Grammys confirm that, yep, they were some Grammys. We were kind of able to follow along with the show on Twitter (Paste’s own Twitter account was really good with the Grammys updates), though, primarily through people making fun of the Grammys. If the Grammys exist for any reason at this point, it’s for getting made fun of, and here are the best jokes we saw on Twitter about the Grammys tonight.

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