The Funniest Tweets About Trump in Disney World’s Hall of Presidents

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The Funniest Tweets About Trump in Disney World’s Hall of Presidents

The best place to take a nap in the Magic Kingdom has been ruined. The Hall of Presidents at Disney World has reopened after almost a year, with Donald Trump’s Audio-Animatronic now firmly ensconced within. As has been custom since 1993, Trump’s robot is one of the very few presidents with a speaking role, and it features the voice of the man himself. It is, from basically every angle, a horrible nightmare, especially if you grew up as one of the weird kids who was super into the Hall of Presidents. (Uh, like me.) I can’t even get my nostalgic robot prez kick without being reminded about the horrible world we’ve created for ourselves here in this 21st century, when openly racist and hateful sex abusers can be elected to the same venerated seat of power as Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding. (Oh wait…)

Okay, the Hall has been full of problematic men since it opened in 1971, but we can probably all agree that the standards of today should be a bit higher than they were when slavery was still the law of the land, and before women had the right to vote. Those old corpses were terrible in their day, but that doesn’t excuse us electing somebody who’s terrible in our day. And then making a robot version of him in a family theme park. Lincoln’s original Audio-Animatronic must be rolling in its storage container in a warehouse in Anaheim somewhere.

This absurd display at least inspired some solid laughs over on Twitter. As we continue to destroy everything in the world around us, at least we’ll always be able to find some solid laughs over on Twitter. Thanks, Twitter—thanks for the solid laughs.

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