Dan Harmon Gets Squeezed By Some Big Ol’ Bones in This Harmonquest Clip

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Dan Harmon Gets Squeezed By Some Big Ol’ Bones in This Harmonquest Clip

You gotta watch out for them skeletons when you’re living in some kind of mixed up cartoon fantasy world. Dan Harmon shows you why in the video below. Harmon’s animated RPG character is just trying to do some adventuring, maybe searching for a little treasure and whatnot, when suddenly a massive bone hand just starts clamping down on the dude. As we all know bones are harder than man (even if man is part bone) so it’s not too comfortable when you find yourself in a bone vice.

Fortunately for Harmon—the Community and Channel 101 creator who is partially responsible for the yacht rock craze that has been sailing through America the last 15 years—this is but his animated avatar in this predicament and not the real form of flesh and sinew. This is magic, this is tricks and funtimes, this is not real. It is Harmonquest, where the man and his friends play a role-playing game in front of an audience, which is then animated and beamed out through computers to an even larger audience. It’s Harmonquest and it’ll make anybody who’s ever played a role-playing game nod with familiarity—and it also lets you see Dan Harmon in drawing form get totally roughed up by a giant skeleton hand.

Watch that moment of shocking violence below and then check out the rest of Harmonquest on the streaming whatsit VRV.

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