Season 3 of HBO Max’s Harley Quinn Is Finally Coming in July

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Season 3 of HBO Max’s Harley Quinn Is Finally Coming in July

After a couple years of waiting, Harley Quinn is nearly ready to terrorize some more animated goons. HBO Max finally dropped news that the third season of its animated Harley Quinn is headed our way in the near future, arriving on the streamer in July. An exact date hasn’t yet been announced, but at the very least this should mean we’re likely to see the return of Harley and the gang within the next month or so. That’s good news for fans who have been impatiently waiting pretty much the entirety of the pandemic for the next chapter in Harley’s story.

The animated Harley Quinn series sees Harls having ended her abusive relationship with the Joker, striking out on her own as she discovers herself and her own niche within the world of supervillainy. In doing so, she assembled a crew that included such luminaries as Clayface, King Shark and Doctor Psycho, who unfortunately lived up to his name in short order. Perhaps most notably, though, the series explores Harley’s classic comics friendship with femme fatale Poison Ivy (Lake Bell, in a fantastic vocal role), as their level of intimacy deepens and the two begin to realize that perhaps there’s something significantly more romantic going on between them. The second season ended with Poison Ivy making a big decision about her future, disappointing fiancé Kite Man in the process. It was a tough blow for Kite Man, but don’t feel too bad for the guy—turns out he’s got his own spin-off series coming to the network, which has been described as a “Cheers for villains.”

Harley and Ivy, meanwhile, have apparently been on an “Eat, Bang, Kill Tour” in the interim, as the long-awaited season 3 has been slowed by various obstacles. When they return, Commissioner Gordon will no doubt remain hot on their heels, and this season has also confirmed the addition of more popular DC characters, including the likes of Nightwing, John Constantine, Amanda Waller, Mad Hatter and Clock King.

Keep an eye out for an exact launch date (and trailer, most likely) for Harley Quinn season 3 in the near future.

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