John Wilson Discusses How To and that Foreskin Guy on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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John Wilson Discusses How To and that Foreskin Guy on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Just a quick note that John Wilson, the creator of one of the best, most idiosyncratic, and most surprising TV shows of 2020, was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. If you’re a fan of Wilson’s show, it’s worth checking out. Yes, they wind up talking about Ron Low and his little foreskin restoring gadget.

What really defines Wilson’s show is its humanity. He never feels like he’s making fun of the people he talks to or the unusual situations he films around New York, and is able to string disconnected images and unexpected changes of direction into a show that’s as poignant and philosophical as it is funny. Jimmy Kimmel recognizes that in this interview, and also realizes something else that’s important about the show: to discuss how it came together, or dig into the mundane production facts behind Wilson’s technique, can rob the show of some of its power. There’s a bit of mystery to Wilson’s show, which is part of its charm.

Kimmel is very open about his love of Late Night with David Letterman, and John Wilson totally feels like somebody who would’ve been a regular guest on that show back in the ‘80s, an entertaining character akin to Harvey Pekar or Brother Theodore who would show up once or twice a year for the sake of having a memorable interview, without the need to promote anything. Kimmel’s clearly a fan of Wilson and his show, and hopefully he brings him back on Kimmel Live at some point.

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