Glenn Howerton to Possibly Separate Entirely from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Glenn Howerton to Possibly Separate Entirely from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Well, this is kind of a bummer. After 12 seasons of schemes and long-cons on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Glenn Howerton may possibly enact the final step of “The D.E.N.N.I.S System” and separate entirely from the show. Howerton was recently cast in the NBC pilot AP Bio with Patton Oswalt, in which he will play an Ivy League college professor who retreats into teaching high school science after losing his job in order to get revenge on his enemies. AP Bio could theoretically interfere with Howerton’s duties as writer, producer and actor in It’s Always Sunny.

Howerton recently confirmed his shaky future with Always Sunny in a classic “it’s not you, it’s me” scenario in an interview with Uproxx. He said:

So … it’s a little complicated. I may seem a little bit evasive here, and I don’t mean to. It’s not entirely certain whether I am or am not. I might be. I might be, but I might not be. That really is the truth. Just to be clear, to dispel any potential weirdness, it has nothing to do with my relationship to anyone on the show or Rob or Charlie or anyone like that. It’s partially a creative and personal decision. We may be taking an extended hiatus between season 12 and season 13. So I’m certainly staying open to the possibility of doing more, but there is a possibility that I will not.

Wow … We don’t know what to say. This is, um, shocking. We thought we had a good thing going. The season 12 finale clears nothing up, as he proclaimed the bar is done. But Howerton would not be the first to pursue other ventures while working on It’s Always Sunny. Charlie Day has been blowing up in feature films, Kaitlin Olson has a pretty great thing going with The Mick on Fox, and Rob McElhenney is directing the Minecraft movie. So yeah, Howerton wouldn’t leave, right? Yeah, yeah, he’d stay. It’s not that he’d get hurt if he left, but he wouldn’t leave. Y’know, because of the implication.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is signed on for two more seasons with FXX, sadly, with Howerton or not.

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