Five Noises Jeff Goldblum Might Make in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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Five Noises Jeff Goldblum Might Make in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Good news, Ian Malco-maniacs! Jeff Goldblum is ROARING his way back to the JPCU (Jurassic Park Cinematic Universe) in 2018’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (which Wikipedia tells us is “also known as Jurassic Park 5 or Jurassic World 2”). Although we don’t know anything beyond that one single fact, here’s one to five hundred SEO-optimized words…I mean…an article…about Dr. Ian Malcolm’s return to Isla Nublar!

jurassic goldblum lead main 2.JPG

1. Ahh…

It’s a total no-brainer that Jeff Goldblum will, at some point, say “ahh” during Jurassic World 2. The REAL question is: what will make him “ahh?” Could he be “ahh”-ing at a herd of dinosaurs tromping through Times Square? Or “ahh”-ing at a velociraptor clawing through the hull of a submarine? What do you think of those two ideas, do you like them?

jurassic goldblum 2.jpg

2. Ohh…

Uh-“Ohh”…Jeff Goldblum is back in Jurassic World 2! Hold on, I need to say that one more time: “Jeff Goldblum is back in Jurassic World 2!” Alright, now this has a better chance of being aggregated. Anyway, Jeff Goldblum’s timeless “Ohh…” has graced films from Independence Day to…to, uh…

…sorry, one sec…

jurassic goldblum imdb.jpg

…to the classic film Call of Duty: Black Ops III! Could Jeff Goldblum help Jurassic World 2 “ohh” its way to the box office? Find out June 22, 2018, only in theaters!

jurassic goldblum 3.gif

3. Ah- ah, yes…

This one’s a total no brainer, so let’s move on.

jurassic goldblum 4.jpg

4. Ohh… (darkly)

This one’s a bit of a longshot, but let’s game it out! Could he say “Ohh…” (darkly) before discovering that their cab driver is secretly a triceratops? Perhaps he’ll say “Ohh…” (darkly) in front of a computer whose screen suddenly says “DOWNLOADING A DINOSAUR?” Who knows, but probably that second one!

jurassic goldblum 5.jpg

5. Ohh… (sexual)

Nuff said! Wait, I need another thirty words…maybe Jeff Goldblum gets engaged to a dinosaur or something! Is that homophobic or progressive? Why do I get the feeling like it’s somehow both? Twenty nine…and thirty!

And that’s enough words for Google’s algorithm to consider this “content!” God, I hate this. I went to graduate school for creative writing, and now I’m doing a job I only have because robots aren’t smart enough to write convincing garbage yet. My dad worked 16 hour days so I can hopefully get a job at a website that Chris Hardwick occasionally farts on. Thank goodness I can write this here because the person who approves my content is a drinking bird above a keyboard. Yes, like from that episode of The Simpsons. I don’t know if they got the idea from The Simpsons or The Simpsons got the idea from them, but it’s not a joke, and it’s very upsetting.

Asterios Kokkinos is a comedian in Los Angeles and a real New Yorker.

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