Joe Pera Talks With You‘s Third Season Comes to Adult Swim This Fall

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Joe Pera Talks With You‘s Third Season Comes to Adult Swim This Fall

Finally some good news: Joe Pera Talks With You is returning to Adult Swim this fall for its third season, and I’m already feeling better.

If you’re still unfamiliar with Joe Pera and his Adult Swim show, go read everything we’ve ever written about it, and then watch the first two seasons on HBO Max. Like Pera himself, it’s a modest but enormously charming show that finds humor, grace and beauty in everyday, small town life. There are no broad strokes or grand gestures, no irony or cynicism, no condescension but also no attempt to portray its “normal” small town, middle class characters as being uniquely admirable or wise. It’s just a thoughtful slice of life comedy with a deadpan tone, a lot of patience, and a lyrical quality you wouldn’t expect from almost any TV these days, but especially not a show on Adult Swim.

There’s not much to the announcement trailer. It’s exactly what it needs to be, though, no more, no less, and as such it perfectly sums up this warm, comforting show. A single grunt from a basset hound, softly falling snow, a few wistful guitar chords, and a single line of Pera’s soothing voice are all it takes to instantly put me at ease and make me anticipate this beautiful show’s next run. Seriously, there’s almost nothing to this trailer, and yet I’ve still watched it four or five times now. It’s hard to find much that feels decent in this collapsing world, but Pera has always fit that bill.

Anyway. I hope this brings you the same serenity it has brought me. And I hope the next few months pass pass peacefully, and we’re all able to enjoy Joe Pera Talks With You’s third season together in a few months.

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