Watch John Oliver Reveal the Insanity of British Politics (Again)

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Watch John Oliver Reveal the Insanity of British Politics (Again)

In the aftermath of U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s disastrous snap election, John Oliver took the opportunity to just rip into the whole situation. British politics are a crazy, confusing mess that most Americans don’t completely understand. Britain’s democratic, but they have a queen? Why is a guy that Oliver claims looks like “Darth Vader fucked an Amazon Echo” allowed onstage with serious candidates … and Elmo? Thankfully, Oliver spends a solid 20 minutes giving Americans an inside glimpse into the zaniness of the modern British political system.

Generally, the clip attempts to explain what the hell Brexit really means, and why it is going to be so complicated. Utilizing a hilarious metaphor comparing England leaving the European Union to Florida seceding from the United States, Oliver manages to make a potentially dry concept legitimately compelling. He makes fun of the British media’s attempts to explain the situation—especially one attempt that tried to use a ridiculous cheese metaphor. Oliver’s summation is thorough and compelling.

And again, the whole thing is hilarious. The clip just goes to show the great strides these comedy/politics shows have made in the last few years. By making politics interesting, comedians like Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Oliver and others are actually managing to better inform Americans on world affairs. While this shouldn’t be a substitute for traditional news outlets such as CNN or The New York Times, it’s hard to be too upset about increased political awareness. Even if the analysis comes couched in dick jokes.

Check out the entire clip above.

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