Julio Torres Returns to HBO with New Comedy Series

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Julio Torres Returns to HBO with New Comedy Series

Los Espookys may have been canceled by HBO after two hilarious and unpredictable seasons, but Julio Torres isn’t done with the network. This February, his new HBO comedy series Little Films (working title) is going into production.

Since it’s early days, there’s not much info about the show, other than that Torres is starring in, writing, directing, and executive producing it. The press release’s logline for the show sounds just about as enigmatic and strange as you’d expect Torres’ work to be:

Julio tells the tale of when he lost a little golden oyster. The people he encounters as he searches for it, and the musings he has along the way, become points of departure for introspective, often eerie comedic stories about outsiders navigating an increasingly corporate and rapidly dysfunctional New York City.

At least Los Espookys fans have something to look forward to in the new year.

“We here at Julio™ are so excited to be joined by many friends in weaving these fantastical stories shot entirely on stages,” Torres says of the upcoming project.

While we wait to hear more about Little Films, tide yourself over by reading our interview with him and Ana Fabrega about the second season of Los Espookys.

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