Key and Peele Will Do Live Super Bowl Commentary…Without Ever Mentioning The Super Bowl

Comedy News Key And Peele

Key and Peele are teaming up with Squarespace for what should be a highlight of Super Bowl Sunday: a live video commentary during the game, in character as the aspiring sports broadcasters Lee and Morris. The catch: Lee and Morris obviously didn’t acquire the rights to commentate on the Super Bowl, so they can’t mention anything about the game. According to Squarespace, Key and Peele will be improvising the vast majority of their commentary, with a creative team on hand in case things slow down. Check out Lee and Morris’ mock press conference below.

This is only part of the comedy duo’s Super Bowl partnership with Squarespace, which will stream the Lee and Morris live commentary here. Key and Peele will also star in the web designers’ commercial during the game, “about how Squarespace brings Lee and Morris’ dreams to life in a hilarious and creative way,” according to the company.

Key and Peele have a lot of creative projects in the works beyond this work with Squarespace: their debut feature film Keanu is coming later this year; they have a stop-motion film in the works with Henry Selick; and they’re apparently returning to television with an undercover cop show.

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