John Oliver Slam(Dunk)s The NCAA and March Madness On Last Week Tonight

Comedy Video Last Week Tonight
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With the NCAA tournament brackets revealed yesterday and all your office buddies setting up their predictions (seriously, can anyone beat Kentucky?), John Oliver and Last Week Tonight have released a timely episode, deep-diving into the NCAA and the billion dollar industry that is March Madness.

Just as he showed the corruption in FIFA right before the World Cup last summer, the light that Oliver shines on the NCAA does not come off as flattering, as he takes down their policy of not paying student-athletes a dime, despite profiting massively from their jerseys and their likeness, as well as the shady practice of boosting a player’s GPA with “paper classes,” depriving them of the quality education that the association promises. He wraps it all up with March Sadness, their version of the video game NCAA Basketball 09, with appearances by college basketball stars Ed O’Bannon and Jalen Rose.

You can watch the clip in the player above and happy bracketing! #soybeanwind