Los Espookys Returns in September, and Here’s a Teaser

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Los Espookys Returns in September, and Here’s a Teaser

One of our favorite shows of… whatever year it aired in (2019? 2020? Does time mean anything anymore?) is set to return in September. Los Espookys, the beautiful, surreal comedy from Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega and Fred Armisen, will haunt us once again starting on September 16, when its second season launches on HBO and HBO Max. So you’ve got 50 days to catch up on the first season, which shouldn’t be hard, since it was only six episodes.

What is an Espooky, though? Torres, Fabrega, Bernardo Velasco, and Cassandra Ciangherotti play four friends who run a business where they use special effects to make people think they’re being haunted or having some kind of supernatural encounter. At the same time they live in a heightened world of magical realism, so there’s a lot of quasi-mystical weirdness happening outside of their manmade horror. It’s droll and absurd in the way you’d expect from Torres, who over the last decade has produced one of our favorite stand-up specials and some of SNL’s best pieces during a three-year stint writing for the show.

The new season of the bilingual series will also consist of six episodes, and will feature some new guest stars, including German pop star Kim Petras and living legend Isabella Rosellini. If you want a little taste of season two, here’s a short teaser HBO released today.

Okay, season one was 2019. June, 2019. That’s over three years ago. Damn! Time was already a fictional construct that meant nothing to me even before the pandemic, and then that thing came along and just obliterated any last vestiges. We’re living in a post-time society—which sounds like something that could happen in Los Espookys.

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