Louis C.K. Supports Hillary Clinton Because He Wants to See a Mom in The White House

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Louis C.K. Supports Hillary Clinton Because He Wants to See a Mom in The White House

Louis C.K. isn’t one of those wishy-washy, “if I have to” Hillary Clinton supporters; he genuinely likes her as a candidate, and he took to Conan last night to say so.

C.K. said that he thinks Clinton being a mother is a big plus considering we’ve only had fathers as presidents. He said “any mother—just a shit mother, a not-even-trying mother—[gives] 200 percent. Mothers do too much.”

C.K. also shared his problems with Donald Trump, saying, “Four more years of a guy that can’t be criticized. … This guy, every time he’s criticized, everything stops and he makes everyone pay.” Clinton, on the other hand, can take the abuse because, as C.K. said, “We’ve been hazing her.”

One of the more common criticisms of Clinton, that she’s untrustworthy, doesn’t bother him. “I don’t want somebody’s who’s likable or cool anymore. We need a two-faced, conniving, crazy … just somebody who’s got a million schemes.” C.K. said he liked Clinton’s drive to get things done, calling her “a tough, bitch mother who nobody likes who just does shit.”

And he’s not worried about her emails, either. “By the way, all her shit is out there, every email she ever wrote is in the newspapers and she’s not in jail,” he said. “Which is amazing.”

Though he criticized Trump pretty heavily, C.K. is okay if you vote for him, if that’s what you believe. What he doesn’t like, though, are people who aren’t going to vote at all. In his final assessment of the election, he said, “If you vote for Hillary, you’re a grownup. If you vote for Trump, you’re a sucker. If you don’t vote for anybody, you’re an asshole.”

You can watch the whole segment embedded above.

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