Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman Have a Pun-Off in This Ad for Their New TV Show

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Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman Have a Pun-Off in This Ad for Their New TV Show

Over three years after Parks & Recreation ended, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are teaming up with NBC again on Making It, a crafting reality competition. The two host the show, which premieres on NBC on Tuesday, July 31, and which will pit contestants against each other in a variety of DIY competitions. Imagine something like MasterChef, but with wood and cloth instead of macadamias and nasturtium leaves, and with two of the most beloved recent sitcom stars hosting instead of a cartoonishly irritable celebrity chef.

How did these two wind up on a show like this? Offerman, of course, is a notorious wood-worker, a real-life personal passion that was seamlessly weaved into his Parks character, Ron Swanson. And Poehler’s producing the whole thing, and already has fantastic chemistry with Offerman, so it just makes sense.

If, for some reason, you doubt that Poehler and Offerman work well together, just take a look at this video NBC posted to YouTube yesterday. The two square off in a crafting-themed pun contest, volleying back and forth with all the references to felt, crochet and macrame that you’d expect from something like that. It’s maybe not great as an ad for a TV show—it doesn’t really give you much of an indication of what it’s actually about, or how it’ll be formatted and presented—but as a silly piece of viral nonsense geared to simply raise awareness, it more than fits together. Check it out below and get ready for Making It on July 31.

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