Listen to an Exclusive Stand-up Clip from The Daily Show‘s Matt Koff

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Listen to an Exclusive Stand-up Clip from The Daily Show‘s Matt Koff

After over a decade of doing stand-up, Matt Koff is ready to release his first album. Who’s My Little Guy comes out on Friday, Nov. 1, and if you’re wondering why it’s taken so long, well, Koff’s been busy. He’s been writing jokes and winning Emmys for The Daily Show for years now, working under both Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah, and also co-runs the @TrumpComedyNerd Twitter page. (It’s the one that tweets exactly like Trump does but only about, like, Newsradio and running the light at a comedy show. It’s for a very specific type of reader.) He also just got married, as he tells the audience in this clip, which we’re sharing exclusively here at Paste.

“Sorry, Ladies” takes a stock stand-up scenario that’s used primarily to milk a reaction out of the audience—the comedian’s recent nuptials—and uses it as a springboard to discuss the absurdity of Sweden’s homeless problem. It makes perfect sense when you listen to it. According to the press release, Koff “wanted to shift gears and delve into more personal experiences” with the album, as opposed to the politics he’s constantly writing about for The Daily Show. This clip sort of unites those two things though, using a personal story and his relationship with his Swedish wife to address homelessness and what it’s like when a country almost eliminates it.

Check it out below and keep an ear out for Koff’s album when it’s available on Nov. 1.

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