Watch the Trailer for Patton Oswalt’s New Stand-up Special

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Watch the Trailer for Patton Oswalt’s New Stand-up Special

Patton Oswalt returns to Netflix with his new stand-up special on May 19, and it may or may not be entirely about wallpaper. That’s based on the first trailer, which you can find below, and is entirely about wallpaper. I imagine Oswalt talks about other topics during I Love Everything, but it would be a staggering display of skill and confidence if he was able to do a full hour about wallpaper and make it work. It’s the kind of bravery we need today—to uplift and inspire.

Unfortunately we probably have to prepare ourselves for the inevitable disappointment we’ll feel when we get to watch Oswalt’s new special in a couple of weeks and realize he didn’t have the strength or foresight to make it entirely about wallpaper. I think the name of the special seals the deal—if he had done the right and judicious thing, and recorded an entire hour all about wallpaper, he probably would have named it I Love Wallpaper, instead of I Love Everything. I haven’t given up all hope yet—perhaps naming it I Love Everything is the kind of waggish misdirection comedians can be known for—but I’m pretty sure my dreams of an all-wallpaper stand-up special will continue to be denied.

Either way, Patton Oswalt is a consummate pro on stage, and one of the most reliable comics of the last 20 years. I Love Everything is big news for comedy, and something I’m looking forward to. If you are, too, check out the trailer below, and get ready to watch the whole thing on May 19.

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