Natalie Portman Raps Again in a Sequel to One of SNL‘s Best Digital Shorts

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Natalie Portman Raps Again in a Sequel to One of SNL‘s Best Digital Shorts

One of the things Saturday Night Live has always been good at is reminding you of things it’s done before. Case in point: last night’s Natalie Portman-hosted episode ran a sequel to the 2006 Digital Short “Natalie Raps.” (You remember that one—it’s the one where Natalie Portman raps. It came in at number three on comprehensive ranking of every Lonely Island Digital Short. Uh, go watch it!) The new video has a tone and vicious flow similar to the original, but with maybe just a little bit less DMX in her delivery. Instead of Chris Parnell, the nonplussed TV show host is played by Beck Bennett, who is officially the Chris Parnell of the 2010s. There are jokes about Portman movies like the Star Wars prequels and 2010’s Black Swan, which legitimately sent me to IMDB to see what movies Portman has done in the last seven or eight years. (I still need to see Jackie. And I still can’t believe Your Highness isn’t better than it is.) Most importantly “Natalie Raps 2” sent me spiraling into another depressive episode of disbelief over what year we’re currently existing in—how the hell is the permanently far off future world of 2006 (a number that never should’ve been a year) twelve years ago now?

Nothing makes any sense. Thanks, Natalie.

Oh yeah, Andy Samberg’s also in it. And we find out how many penises a Gungan has. And this is canon now, fans—none of that Legends timeline BS.

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