Watch Saturday Night Live‘s Final Presidential Debate Sketch of 2020

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Watch Saturday Night Live‘s Final Presidential Debate Sketch of 2020

Here’s the rare bit of good news: the 2020 presidential debates are done. Finito. No more stress over what Trump’s gonna say next, over how he’s gonna impugn the moderator, no more buzz over mute buttons or plexi glass partitions or masks: we are through with this nonsense, at least until the primaries start up again in, oh, 10 months or so.

Most importantly—most crucially—for both the health of the culture and my own personal sanity—is that means no more Saturday Night Live debate sketches. Sure, we still have one more episode before the election (and one that might be a banger—John Mulaney and The Strokes? Hopefully they play “New York City Cops” while Mulaney does his J.J. Bittenbinder material), which means at least one more opportunity for Alec Baldwin’s ossified Trump impersonation, and one more opportunity for Jim Carrey to mug it up as Joe Biden. At least the show won’t be able to coast on the debate format once more, though. They’ll have to decide upon an entirely different played out concept for next week’s political cold open.

Until then, though, let’s look back on the “comedy” that was. Tonight’s episode kicked off with a predictably limp take on Thursday’s final debate. And with Maya Rudolph filling in as moderator Kristen Welker (not the SNL alum’s only appearance of the night), that meant this episode’s first 12 minutes were almost entirely absent any of the show’s actual cast members. If you missed it, check out SNL’s anemic riff on the final debate below, and make sure you get out there and vote at some point in the next nine days, unless you plan on voting for whichever one of these two dudes I personally don’t plan on voting for.

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