Saturday Night Live Imagines a Trump Impeachment Trial That’s Somehow Even Worse than the Real One

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Saturday Night Live Imagines a Trump Impeachment Trial That’s Somehow Even Worse than the Real One

Well, this really sucks, doesn’t it?

It’s hard to imagine something more aggravating or infuriating than the Republican Party’s (hopefully self-immolating) commitment to the most manifestly unqualified and openly criminal president we’ve had since the days of whiskers and top hats, but this Saturday Night Live sketch comes close. It’s almost a perfect crystallization of everything wrong about this show these days: terrible jokes, incoherent political impressions, Alec Baldwin, pointless pop culture references, Alec Baldwin, bothsidesism, a total refusal to actually engage with the stuff it’s making fun of, pointless pop culture references from 28 years ago, Alec Baldwin… Really, all this sketch has going for it is Pete Davidson on a hoverboard. That’s one C+ sight gag in an almost nine minute sketch dealing with the most significant domestic political turmoil since the early ‘70s—and perhaps the moment when any meaningful concept of the U.S. government’s checks and balances was finally shattered for good.

Look, if you clicked on this thing, you’re probably committed to watching the clip. I wouldn’t have embedded it below if I wasn’t willing to help you out with that. I’m just saying that I’m not proud of potentially being your expressway to this embarrassing display, and to advise you that you can still back out now, if you want. The entire internet is probably already writing about this sketch, because it’s after midnight on a weekend and there’s exactly fuck all to write about that isn’t Super Bowl related, but just remember that you still have the freedom to choose what you do and do not do with any given eight minutes and 47 seconds of your life. You can definitely spend that amount of time watching this SNL sketch. That is certainly one of many, many options currently before you. All I’ll say is that I hope you don’t rush into a decision that you might regret.

(Seriously—28 years! This thing references the 29th most popular movie of 1992 as if anybody under the age of 35 has any idea what it is. This is like if the SNL of 1975 made a Bickersons joke about Gerald Ford.)

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