Trump Tweets That SNL Is “The Real Collusion” And Needs to Be “Looked Into”

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Trump Tweets That SNL Is “The Real Collusion” And Needs to Be “Looked Into”

Proving once again that he doesn’t know what “collusion” means, earlier today Donald Trump tweeted that Saturday Night Live is “the real Collusion [sic]” because it continues to make fun of him, like it has every other president since 1975. Our president took time out of the golfing trip that he embarked on during a so-called “national emergency” to threaten the First Amendment rights of a TV show, because Trump never forgets what his name stands for. It’s a brand you can trust, and in nonsensically threatening a comedy show with an investigation into political bias while taking a personal vacation during a racist “national emergency” that he immediately acknowledged was not actually a national emergency, Trump was as on brand as ever this weekend.

Trump had to be responding to one of two sketches from last night’s episode of SNL: either the cold open, where Alec Baldwin dredged up his terrible Trump impersonation once again, or this harder-edged takedown from Weekend Update. Either way our president lost his mind over a late-night variety show one day after unconstitutionally calling a “national emergency” that he himself admits isn’t real, while in the middle of one of his regular weekend vacations that are paid for by the American public. If this non-problem is ever “looked into,” as Trump says should happen, the whiplash from the supposedly Constitution-loving, Fairness Doctrine-hating charlatans on Fox News and far right talk radio (your Hannitys, your Carlsons, your Limbaughs) turning on the First Amendment and supporting somehow forcing a TV show to make fun of people could probably be harnessed as a temporary alternative to fossil fuels.

This decade’s definitely going out on a high note. Here’s Trump’s latest laughable tweet, if you somehow haven’t seen it yet.

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