Seth Meyers Workshops His WFH Approach in A Closer Look at Trump’s Delusional Coronavirus Response

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Seth Meyers Workshops His WFH Approach in A Closer Look at Trump’s Delusional Coronavirus Response

A be-flanneled Seth Meyers brought viewers another homemade Closer Look Wednesday night. The Late Night host, like much of his talk show cohort, is shooting from his home these days due to—you know why. You know why.

Meyers is troubleshooting his WFH approach, switching from a hallway to his library for the latest segment. Exciting! Exotic! “On Monday, we did our Closer Look from a hallway, but I was asked to move, because hallways are, by design, thoroughfares,” he said. Remember … other places? That weren’t your house? Remember outside?

Meyers took to his home office to criticize Trump’s “magical thinking” on the coronavirus, which the President has promised repeatedly will “disappear, one day, like a miracle,” despite the fact that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned the rest of the nation the virus is spreading like a “bullet train” not the freight train they’re expecting, the Surgeon General has warned things will get really, really bad, and the montage music at the beginning of an apocalypse movie has started to increase in volume.

Meyers pointed out that Trump has lived his life and run his administration on magical thinking, which this time is manifesting in Trump promising to have the economy “opened up and raring to go” by Easter, against the advice of everyone. “Trump is a quintessential con man, which is bad when you’re running a casino into the ground, but it’s especially bad when you’re in charge of responding to a deadly pandemic ravaging the country’s healthcare system and cratering the economy,” Meyers said.

It’s even worse when some officials have fallen in line and made explicit Trump’s trade-off, arguing restarting the economy is worth the many virus deaths such a move would cause. To quote Meyers, “this is sociopathic governance.”

Dr. Fauci, please save us.

Watch the Closer Look below.

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