A Housebound Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at America on Lockdown

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A Housebound Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at America on Lockdown

As we head into the second full week of a lockdown that hopefully won’t end until actual doctors and scientists decide it should, the nation’s late night talk show hosts are an increasingly haggard lot. The content keeps a-churnin’ with variously nightly YouTube uploads recorded at the homes of the suit squad; Kimmel and Fallon might’ve started it off last week, but it’s spread throughout the ecosystem, with Colbert, The Daily Show and Seth Meyers all shooting from home. (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is taking a slightly different tack: they’ll be shooting a new episode outdoors, in the middle of the woods. It’ll be the only talk show in the woods.)

Meyers started his home project up last night, with the latest installment of A Closer Look. And, of course, he fixed his gaze on the lockdown that’s driven our country indoors, and that some Republicans want to end prematurely to keep rich people rich. If you’ve been missing this guy’s sardonic reactions to the daily whirlwind of presidential stupidity and abject societal absurdity, you’ll probably be glad to see it. Meyers might want to upgrade his home equipment just a little bit, though—the audio quality is especially rough. I know he’s new to this kind of YouTubery, but it’s goofy when a guy who’s been on NBC’s payroll for two decades is putting out lower-quality stuff than some random 13-year-old with a game streaming channel.

Anyway: here’s Seth Meyers, taking A Closer Look at all this madness embroiling the world today.

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