Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s Disastrous Fox News Interview and More

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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s Disastrous Fox News Interview and More

On last night’s Late Night Seth Meyers looked at Trump’s continued refusal to take the pandemic seriously, his disastrous Fox News interview with Chris Wallace (where an actual president bragged about acing a cognitive test that looked like something a second grader would take to see if they should be in the smart classes), and at how Trump’s well-documented love of despots has inevitably led to extrajudicial crackdowns of the protests in Portland. It ain’t fun, and it ain’t even funny, because what possibly could be funny about a president who’s going full tyrant while also bragging about his ratings as tens of thousands of Americans die to what could have been a preventable pandemic? Still, it’s cathartic, and since you have to stare at a screen all day anyway (assuming you haven’t been furloughed or let go yet), you might as well stare at a screen that’s keeping you informed while also trying to entertain you.

We’re under no delusions that a monologue from Late Night with Seth Meyers will affect any change in the world. The people who will appreciate this already agree with it, and those who don’t won’t watch it anyway. And simply in terms of comedy, this isn’t anything special or notable—Meyers basically does this five days a week, with John Oliver going above and beyond over the weekend, and Samantha Bee pitching in, too. (Oh—I guess there’s also still a Daily Show?) But at a time when you can’t look at your phone without seeing something depressing, terrible or infuriating, there’s some peace in hearing a TV talking head say things you agree with in a joke-like cadence.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video below, where you’ll hear Seth Meyers say things like:

Now we have a pudding-brained infomercial salesman who’s more interested in what happens to a dead Confederate general than a living middle school teacher trying to convince us that statues and graffiti are more important than a pandemic that’s caused massive suffering.

And other things, too, including:

The only cognitive test we’ve ever needed for Trump is a camera and a microphone and he’s failed it a hundred times.

Those are good quotes. That’s why I made a point of highlighting them. Kudos, Seth Meyers, and whoever wrote them.

Here’s the thing. Try to stay safe and sane out there.

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