Late Night with Seth Meyers Dives into the Surreal Republican Reactions to the Impeachment Vote

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Late Night with Seth Meyers Dives into the Surreal Republican Reactions to the Impeachment Vote

Thursday was a spooky day for Donald Trump, as the full House voted on going forward with the impeachment inquiry. As Trump’s many errors come back to haunt him, he becomes more erratic and unprofessional, and his supporters and administration look increasingly goofy trying to defend him. The impeachment resolution passed with a majority vote of 232-196, which makes today a great time to look back and laugh with Seth Meyers at the Republican chaos preceding the event.

The first half of the segment features Meyers employing some fantastic voices to imitate Kellyanne Conway and Trump as they ridicule the “do-nothing Democrats,” whom Conway assures reporters “don’t have the votes” to see the resolution through (she seemed to forget or ignore that the Democrats control the House). It’s hilarious but more or less predictable; we’ve seen this showcase of confidence and steamrolling facts before from Trump and members of his administration. The segment gets even better when Meyers shows some C-SPAN footage of the House floor before the vote.

The Republican Representatives who spoke to the House about the impeachment process really proved that every member of the party has their head in the sand over this debacle. Rep. Devin Nunes called the hearings that Democrats have been hosting “like a cult,” as if we all suddenly forgot about the Tea Party subculture within the Republican party that thinks it’s still 1773. “Donald Trump looks like something that was summoned by a cult,” Meyers retorts.

Then Rep. Steve Scalise said his piece, calling the constitutionally guided proceedings “Soviet-like.” As if Scalise was presenting an elementary social studies project, a lackluster poster with a picture of the Kremlin, complete with a hammer and sickle graphic, was awkwardly slid into frame as he spoke. “I feel so bad for the intern who had to run to Kinko’s to print that out,” Meyers said. We do, too. There’s more nonsensical rants from Republicans, the most damning one being when a CNN reporter calls out Rep. Ted Yoho for not attending the deposition hearings he and his cohorts are condemning, despite being allowed to attend.

The only person featured in the segment who looks composed is Nancy Pelosi, who smoothly tells reporters before the vote, “As you may understand, I have business on the floor that I have to see to,” with suaveness that Meyers likens to a Tom Cruise stunt. Meyers ends his “A Closer Look” with the perfect summary: “Republicans can’t defend Trump on the substance, and they can’t complain about the process, so now all they have left is—”

Cut to Trump: “Bullshit.”

Watch the full segment below.

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