Seth Meyers on Trump’s Moscow Negotiations: “We Have Enough”

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Seth Meyers on Trump’s Moscow Negotiations: “We Have Enough”

Do you ever wake up having to remind yourself that we live in a country where the president openly lies, has paid off a porn star and enabled the separation of families at the Mexican border, and that it’s not just some awful episode of Black Mirror? On Late Night with Seth Meyers Wednesday night, the comedian took yet another chance to remind us that “nothing this president does is normal.”

This time, we were reminded of the complete through-the-looking-glass quality of the administration by Trump’s Moscow tower deal, the postponement of his former lawyer Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress and his current attorney Rudy Giuliani’s continued falsehoods. Cohen put off his testimony due to alleged threats he received from the president and Giuliani. “No, I would say he’s been threatened by the truth,” retorted Trump, a man who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it was hiding under his outlandish comb-over.

Despite what we already know about Trump and his cronies’ actions, stuff that would end any other presidency, he’s still sitting in the Oval Office. Meyers compared Americans’ reactions to Trump and co.’s Russia lies to a drug bust where the deal’s already gone down.

“The reason why it feels like we’re not getting traction on the stuff we already know is that our political system is incapable of processing it in the way a healthy political system should,” the SNL vet observed.

Of course, that’s not to mention the tapes Giuliani mentioned in passing when refuting BuzzFeed’s Moscow deal story during a New Yorker interview. When asked more about these mystery tapes, the former New York mayor flatly denied their existence because, well, words don’t matter to these people.

Watch Meyers tear apart the latest Trump administration snafus in the video below.

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