Seth Meyers Tackles Trump’s 53-Minute Fox & Friends Call

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Seth Meyers Tackles Trump’s 53-Minute Fox & Friends Call

Apparently Trump doesn’t like mornings. Same with the rest of us, except we hit snooze once or twice, get out of bed, and pour some coffee and deal with it. Trump’s new morning routine apparently starts with calling Fox & Friends for no less than a 53-minute rant.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers Monday night, Meyers included a very condensed version of that phone call in his segment, which featured the hosts of Fox & Friends getting visibly more uncomfortable with each time lapse as the president continued rambling. “Well, we just went 57 minutes without a sip of water,” one of the hosts said at the end of the clip. “Water? After that I want to reach for the vodka,” Meyers says. It’s true: Watching even a minute of Trump’s banter will make one want to switch to Meyers’ “Day Drinking” segments instead.

Meyers points out that this rant is a look into the madness that has taken hold of the Republican party as of late. He’s right, and when the phone call is followed by a sobering clip of Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, saying, “In my view there is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes that they are above the law,” the laughter switches to supportive applause. It’s sometimes easy to forget how much power Trump has when he’s too busy spending his time on antics like phone calls that turn into laughable monologues and coining terms like “Never-Trumpers,” which, as Meyer’s points out, makes it sound like they’re magical beings galloping around a children’s book.

The lunacy of Trump’s presidency is matched by the irresponsibility of it, and Meyers takes the time to point out the things we can laugh about while highlighting those acting with decorum amid the chaos of it all.

Watch the clip below.

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