Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s CPAC Speech

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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s CPAC Speech

I doubt Seth Meyers misses Donald Trump. The comedian spent four years railing against the reality show host who somehow actually became president, so his opinion on Trump is pretty well-established. Still, the Late Night host had a reliable target for his A Closer Look segments during the Trump years—a malicious, incompetent egomaniac who was dangerous, foolish, and easier to read than any other politician of our time. Trump was surefire content for the Late Night team, and it’s telling that since Biden took office we haven’t heard much about those Closer Looks.

If anybody outside the GOP welcomed the annual conservative convention known as CPAC, then, it was probably Seth Meyers. Not only is CPAC a reliable portal into how utterly unhinged modern conservatism has become, but this year’s installment would be Donald Trump’s first big public foray after leaving office and losing his once-omnipresent Twitter account.

Sure enough, Meyers pounced upon this nonsense. Last night’s Late Night lead with A Closer Look at the lies and confusion of CPAC, with a special focus on Trump’s speech and Ted Cruz’s shameless attempt to laugh off his dereliction of duty during Texas’s climate and energy crisis. If you’ve missed Meyers sarcastically biting at a president who is constitutionally incapable of hiding his own contempt for every other living being, now’s your chance to reembrace the miserable four years we’re still trying to move past.

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