Seth Meyers Takes “A Closer Look” at Trump’s Racist Tweets

Comedy Features Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers Takes “A Closer Look” at Trump’s Racist Tweets

Hey, remember that racist president we have? Yeah, wow, what a racist. His latest incontrovertibly racist action in a long series of incontrovertibly racist actions was whining that four duly elected Congresswomen of color—Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—should go back to their home countries if they hate America so much. This is despite the fact that three of those four were born in America, and the fourth, Omar, is a U.S. citizen who has lived here since she was 10. In a way Trump’s racist attack was simply a twisted description of what the four are actually trying to do: they’re trying to “fix the totally broken and crime infested” place they come from, a little land we like to call the U.S. of A.

Trump predictably pulled the “I don’t have a racist bone in my body” defense after every reasonable person called him out on this overt racism. Of course none of those people were prominent leaders of the Republican party, whose ideology and platform have perfectly aligned with Trump’s reactionary divisiveness and grievance politics for years. At this point there is almost nothing Trump could conceivably do or say that would get Republican voters or politicians to criticize him, and anybody paying attention to U.S. politics over the last, say, eternity shouldn’t be surprised that the G.O.P. is totally on board with saying blatantly racist things about non-white elected officials from other parties.

Seth Meyers, comedian, has a lot to say about all of this. The late night host regularly highlights the absurdity and venality of our current President, and set his sights upon Trump once again in last night’s “A Closer Look” segment. This one’s especially shaggy and digressive, even for Meyers, but it’s hard to stay focused on Trump’s indiscretions when more and more pile up every day. Meyers tackles this with respect and logic, puncturing Trump’s egomaniacal balloon without diminishing or downplaying the drag that racism is upon society. It’s also, you know, funny, if you like that sort of thing. Check it out below, why don’t you?

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