Take Our Personality Test to Discover Your Sitcom Character Type

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Take Our Personality Test to Discover Your Sitcom Character Type

With this non-scientific, non-serious glimpse deep into your psyche, we’ll determine which of the most common personality types you are from some of our favorite sitcoms, including Extraordinary, What We Do In The Shadows, Jury Duty, Derry Girls, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Are you a curmudgeon or a wild card? A quirk or a cupcake? 

Find out where you fall on the sitcom personality type spectrum—from Curmudgeon to Cupcake—with a series of six questions. You’ll choose one of four options for each question, labeled A, B, C, and D. Write down which letter you’ve selected for each question, and at the end of the quiz, use the scoring system to tally your points.


How old were you when you found out the tooth fairy isn’t real?

A. What am I, gullible? I never believed that shit.
B. Eight. I set an elaborate trap to catch my parents.
C. …What?
D. Six, but I pretended I didn’t know so I wouldn’t hurt my folks’ feelings.


Where were you when you realized we’re all just a speck of dust floating on a rock in space?

A. I’ve always known that. This is news?
B. At a Bushwick rave.
C. In Japan, sitting under a 100-year-old tree.
D. Volunteering at a nursery for abandoned houseplants.


From which do you derive joy?

A. Justice and the discomfort of others
B. Mayhem, chaos, and disorder
C. Delighting in everyday whimsy
D. The Container Store


Can you load a tape dispenser?

A. Yes, but never ask me for help moving…Ever.
B. A huh??
C. No, but somehow it’s stuck on my tongue.
D. Yes—my favorite model is the TS60P.


How would you describe your sense of fashion?

A. Practical
B. Badass
C. Thrift-store chic
D. Business casual


What’s your plan for the zombie apocalypse? 

A. My bunker has been ready since the Clinton administration.
B. No plan. Just vibes.
C. Befriend the zombie race! We’re all the same on the inside, right?
D. Fight, kill, win.

Now you’ve taken the test, congrats! It’s time to determine your results. Calculators, fingers, and toes, start your engines.

Scoring sheet:

A – 1 point
B – 3 points
C – 4 points
D – 6 points

Curmudgeon (6-12 points)

Photo by John Johnson / HBO

Cranky doesn’t even begin to cover it. Most people find your sour attitude and general disposition off-putting, and they’d be right. Until they’re endeared to you (if they ever are), those around you might take offense to your complaining. But fear not, because you don’t really want them around anyway, unless they keep themselves useful enough to tolerate. You’ve got a big, smart brain, strong opinions, and a true moral code to boot.

You, Ol’ Scrooge, are in good company with sitcom characters such as Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Sister Michael (Derry Girls), Judge Alan (Jury Duty), Jen (Extraordinary), and Colin Robinson (WWDITS).

Wild Card (13-20 points)

Sitcom personality test - Michelle

Screenshot via YouTube

Some might consider you dangerous, in light of the antics you get into with your crew, but it’s all in good fun. If your friends are willing to keep an open mind, they might learn how to live their lives in a more carefree way. Rules are merely suggestions in your book, which makes your next move all that much more exciting and unpredictable. 

You can be found getting into hijinks with the likes of Richard Lewis (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Michelle (Derry Girls), Jeannie (Jury Duty), Kash (Extraordinary), and Laszlo (WWDITS).

Quirk (21-28 points)

Sitcom personality test - Nadja

Screenshot via YouTube

Oooh, quirky-girl alert! Your friends love you for your air of youthful innocence; you bring a childlike wonder to the group, infusing curiosity and a fresh perspective into the boring and the mundane. You are full of ideas and eager to execute on them. Though your adventures may not turn out as planned, you and your friends are better for having tried. Keep your head in the clouds, you dear, sweet, silly goose, and never let anyone dim your light; we need more people like you in this world.

Orla from Derry Girls, Todd from Jury Duty, Jizzlord from Extraordinary, Leon Black from Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Nadja from WWDITS comprise your kooky sitcom crew.

Cupcake (29-36 points)

Image via Freevee/Amazon

If there’s a problem, you’ll have the answer. Your friends rely on you for not only your joy and optimism, but also for your unbridled competence: you know how to get shit done. You’re loving and lovable—even though you may go over the top sometimes, your heart is always in the right place. 

Your bunch is filled with the following sitcom baby angels: Ronald from Jury Duty, Clare from Derry Girls, Guillermo from WWDITS, Carrie from Extraordinary, and Cheryl from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Felicia Reich is an entertainment writer and culture reporter. She lives in Brooklyn with her collection of decorative pillows and insatiable curiosity. Follow her on Instagram @feliciamnqreich or around Whole Foods at a tasteful distance.

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