Alec Baldwin Says He’ll Stop His SNL Impersonation if Trump Releases His Tax Returns

Comedy News SNL

Donald Trump has often tweeted about his disappointment with Saturday Night Live’s sketches this season, and this past Saturday was no different. The show, which opened with a sketch in which Alex Baldwin’s Trump kept reflexively retweeting high school students and other average Americans, was the subject of yet anoter Trump tweet attacking the show.

In response, Baldwin suggested—in jest, more than likely—that he would stop impersonating Trump if Trump released his tax returns. Trump was the first presidential candidate in 40 years not to do so, and it’s likely that those documents would be helpful in determining any conflicts of interest that Trump may have.

It’s clear that Saturday Night Live’s depiction of Trump is getting under his skin, and Baldwin is using that to his advantage. Trump doesn’t like being made fun of, which actually gives those behind SNL some power. Let’s hope they use it wisely.

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