The Funniest Tweets about the Fan Remake of The Last Jedi

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The Funniest Tweets about the Fan Remake of The Last Jedi

Some yahoos on Twitter claim they have investors ready to fund a remake of The Last Jedi and are looking to crowdsource the screenplay. I’m just coming right out and laying that down in as clear and straight-forward a manner as possible because there’s really nothing you can add to that. Yep.

Okay, I don’t think they’re for real. They’re putting up a good front right now, acting like they’re totally serious about this stupidest possible idea, despite all the legal issues that surrounds intellectual property rights and what not, and despite the fact that the real Last Jedi got good reviews and made tons of money and didn’t seem to be especially hated by people outside the deepest, angriest, most sealed off Star Wars fan sites. Maybe I’m extending too much respect to the strangers of the internet (I really should know better) but something seems intentionally, knowingly off about this whole thing, and the fact that big time Hollywood bud Seth Rogen spent some of what I imagine to be his limited free time interacting with this account also makes me think this isn’t entirely on the level.

Anyway. It is a thing that exists, and there’s no indication yet that it’s not legit, and it’s such an absurd idea fully ignorant of how the real world works that of course it’s kicked off some fine Twitter discussion. It might feel somewhat negligent to spend any amount of time thinking about Star Wars movies and the creeps who love-hate them right now, what with our world coming apart in a half-dozen or so ways every day, but at the same time we need all the levity we can get at times like these. And if that means making fun of the surely-they’re-not-serious “fans” who feel entitled to ownership over these movies like they’re Kenner dolls from 1982, well, so be it. So here are the funniest tweets about that ridiculous fan “remake” of The Last Jedi.

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