Stephen Colbert Parodies Rachel Maddow’s Trump Tax Return Reveal

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Stephen Colbert Parodies Rachel Maddow’s Trump Tax Return Reveal

The other night, Rachel Maddow underwhelmed the nation with her “biggest scoop yet” about Trump’s tax returns, kicking it all the way back to 2005. Of course, the dramatic grandstanding has spilled over into late-night TV, as Colbert became Rachel Maddow last night in a fun little segment about the one joke that Trump has heard.

He’s got the hair, the sports coat and a nice little v-neck to really tie everything together. The “joke” itself is the classic “why did the chicken cross the road” that everyone’s heard, with the breaking news that “Trump has a sense of humor” in the news bar at the bottom of the screen. But the real joke is that Colbert never gets to the point. He really sells the pauses, and then caps it all off with a glorious finishing move, saying, “But whether or not you’re a Trump supporter … Whether or not you’ve heard this joke before, it ought to give you pause that after all of this build-up, I still haven’t gotten to the punch line,” and he pauses, smooths out the paper too many times and says, “The answer right after this break.”

Check out the video above, and be sure to read Paste’s in-depth take on the actual Rachel Maddow segment here.

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