The Funniest Super Bowl Tweets of 2018

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The Funniest Super Bowl Tweets of 2018

There was a game, and the hard men played it.

At home a nation stared at its screens and also stared at its smaller screens and sometimes even stared at additional screens within that first screen, a feedback loop of constant stimulus and instant response shared globally through the hard-won miracle of science, a stream of immediate reactions jabbed furiously into a phone as the hard men pummeled each other and as previews of teasers for movie trailers flowered and faded away and as truck ads distorted and commercialized messages from civil rights martyrs.

Sometimes those reactions were at least kind of funny?

Here are some examples. Maybe you will agree. Maybe you live in Philadelphia and are currently too busy trying to crawl from the wreckage that was once your historic city to read a hastily dashed off series of embedded tweets. Don’t worry: this content isn’t ever going away. Once the internet has been restored to the burnt out hole that was once the site of our nation’s founding you’ll easily be able to scroll these bona fide kneeslappers and hardcore chucklers. And that’s a promise!

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