The Daily Show Will Hit The Road Again For The GOP And Democratic Conventions

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As per its now-regular tradition, The Daily Show announced today that it will be taking its production to this summer’s presidential nominating conventions—both the Republicans’ in Cleveland and the Democrats’ in Philadelphia. Unlike previous years, however, the show is now hosted by Trevor Noah, who is not American.

“As someone who knows almost nothing about how American politics works, I look forward to spending two weeks with people just like me,” said the affable South African in a statement.

It’ll probably be more important than ever to have a lighthearted take like The Daily Show’s on hand at the conventions, because they’re both poised to be chaotic affairs. More likely than not, the GOP will have a contested convention for the first time in 40 years, and even on the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is starting to stir up talk of an effort to flip superdelegates from Hillary Clinton’s camp.

The Daily Show will broadcast from Cleveland’s Breen Center Jul. 19-22 and from Philadelphia’s Annenberg Center Jul. 26-29. Tickets for both tapings are free; get the GOP ones here and the Democratic ones here.

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