Here’s a Trailer for The Other Two‘s Second Season, Which Debuts on HBO Max This Month

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Here’s a Trailer for The Other Two‘s Second Season, Which Debuts on HBO Max This Month

After far too long of a wait, The Other Two’s second season is just about to hit HBO Max, which means it’s time for a trailer. 2019’s critically acclaimed sitcom about two drifting twentysomethings adjusting to their Bieber-ish teen brother’s abrupt superstardom returns with the formerly recurring Molly Shannon bumped up to a regular. Instead of just having to contend with their brother’s fame, Drew Tarver and Heléne Yorke’s characters are now faced with the surprise popularity of their talk show host mom, played by Shannon. Ken Marino returns as the manager of their younger brother Chase, who is once again played by Case Walker. The show was created by former SNL head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, with first season episodes written by such comedians as Cole Escola, Joel Kim Booster, and Hacks and Broad City’s Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs.

The Other Two’s new season has taken a weird path to your TV set. The former Comedy Central series was renewed for a second season back in 2019, right before Comedy Central almost completely got out of the business of live action shows. The rights to both seasons were acquired by HBO Max, which will be debuting the second one on Aug. 26. If you missed the first season—which, honestly, is far too easy to do with any Comedy Central program—you can catch up on HBO Max. It’s one of those comedies that lands the delicate balance between cringe and charm, bitterness and warmth; Tarver and Yorke’s behavior can be uncomfortable, but their characters remain likable and with motivations that make sense. Its sharpest barbs are directed at the cruelness and vapidity of the entertainment business, with Marino doing a predictably fantastic job as a wannabe wheeler-dealer. It’s funny and smart and worth a watch, and hopefully season two keeps up that momentum.

Here’s the trailer. You can check The Other Two’s second season out on HBO Max starting on Aug. 26.

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